Wildlife—Our Other Patients

The Wildlife Fund

In conjunction with Dee Garbowski of Wildlife Freedom in Wanaque, we care for a host of wild animals including deer, raccoons, fox, bears, birds, turtles, squirrels, possums and rabbits. Take a look at a few of our wilder patients. If you would like to make a donation to help care for our backyard neighbors, checks can be made to ACC Wildlife Fund. Thank you for your support.

This picture was taken about 4 years ago when this cub was brought in with a belly ache. He was patched up and sent to Dee where he was released back into the wild.

Foxy Shazzam! is one of our more recent patients. Coming in as just a kit, she was extremely friendly and playful. She ate treats out of our hands and loved playing tug of war. Unfortunately it is believed that she is deaf so she'll live at the Rehabilitation Center.

This Eastern Screech-Owl came to hang out with us for a few days in 2010.

This is a wild bunny that we nursed back to health. It's awful but these guys often get hit by cars or clipped by lawnmowers so please be careful!

The staff got to bathe and bottle feed this little girl fawn in June 2012. They make the funniest noises!

Alvin came in for a boost of NutraCal and some quick love before going back to the wild.

Raccoons inhabit every state of the Continental US

We get tons of baby birds here at the clinic. The best thing to do is to wait at least 24 hours if you find a baby bird uninjured. Momma Bird will come back for her, once you let her be and leave the area.

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be our country's national bird?

A single brown bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitoes in a single hour and can live up to 40 years. It is the world's longest lived mammal for its size.

Swans mate for life but get in trouble in other ways.

Mrs. Opossum did not like being called a trash panda.

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