Boarding & House Calls

north jersey pet boarding

Comfortable Pet Boarding

Why rely on a friend or untrained pet sitter to take care of your pets while you go on vacation or travel for business? Primarily at our Riverdale veterinary office, we offer an affordable, safe and comfortable place for boarding your cat, dog or bird while you are away.

All pets stay in temperature-controlled kennels, ensuring their stay is comfortable year round. Dogs are given three daily runs to stretch their legs, and we encourage clients to provide their pet's preferred food. The kennel staff is happy to accommodate prescription and special diets.

We ask that clients make reservations in order to reserve a spot ahead of time. We also require all dogs to have received their DHPPV, Rabies and Kennel Cough (Bordatella) vaccines. We require cats to have received FVRCP and Rabies vaccines.

If your pet requires medical care while boarding at either Animal Care Center of North Jersey or Companion Veterinary Hospital of Wayne, we can provide the necessary medications and treatments. We are on premises until at least one hour after closing, have a veterinary technician come in for late-night walks and treatments and can arrange for 24-hour care for critical patients.

House Calls

If you are house bound, have a cat that doesn't travel well or a dog that can't walk, we can come to you. House calls can usually be scheduled on the day of your call.

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