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Garbage Eaters Anonymous and GarbAnon

Welcome to GA, Garbage Eaters Anonymous and its litter mate, GarbAnon for the families of garbage eating dogs. GA is devoted to helping dogs and their families cope with the devastating effects of garbage eating addictions. As with any addiction, denial is common. Garbage addiction is a catch all term that includes eating any non food item – spoiled food, socks, tissues, feces, tampons- as well as eating inappropriate food items, such as chocolate, your turkey prior to Thanksgiving dinner or drinking toilet water, unflushed.

The effects can be devastating – stained carpets, emergency surgeries, missing jewelry, unmatched socks, even death. The goal of GA and Garb Anon is to keep your dog out of the trash and away from eating or drinking harmful substances. We aim to help the garbaholic in your home live a productive and sober life.

Getting Help for Your Dog

The first step toward resolving an addictive garbage problem is recognizing that there is a problem. Ask yourself, Can your dog stop eating garbage on its own? Do you smell your dog's breath for telltale odors when you see him? If you use only covered garbage cans or keep your laundry behind closed doors, the answers are obvious. Your dog should be in the program.

The Six-Step Program

The good news is that dogs, having four legs and no will power, do not need a full twelve step program. The bad news is that you are responsible for all of the steps. There is no such thing as eating garbage in moderation. It is a disease over which they have no control. Owners recognize the look on a dog's face after binging – a mixture of guilt and satisfaction, followed by vomiting.

  1. You must admit that your dog is powerless in the face of garbage.
  2. Your dog must recognize a higher power, namely you, his owner.
  3. Your dog must learn to live by a new code of behavior.
  4. You or your dog must make amends for past wrongs.
  5. You are the dog's sponsor.
  6. You are encouraged to help other dogs with their addictive behaviors.

Getting Started

north jersey pet garbage eaters anonymous

Step 1 – Admitting your dog is powerless in the presence of garbage.

If you have a garbage addicted dog, he cannot be trusted. A brief lapse in vigilance is all it takes for your pet to screen the trash cans for tissues. You must do what is necessary to deny your dog access to garbage – lock cabinets, empty the trash before your dog does, pick up laundry and leave it behind closed doors and the like. If you have a dog that belongs in GA, the temptation is always present.

Step 2 – Establishing your authority over your dog.

As with all behavior problems in dogs, good training helps. Dogs are pack animals who expect and respond to leadership. When a pet owner does not provide a leadership role, a dog is more likely to feel that he can do as he pleases. Training classes or a private dog trainer can make an enormous difference in reducing unwanted behavior. Remember, your dog is not in charge, you are.

Step 3 – Your dog must learn to live by a new code of behavior.

Rather than anything goes, the best dogs have an established place and routine. They are most comfortable and well adjusted when they have a predictable schedule, including feeding, walking and play and sleep time. A dog should have a place of his own whether it is a crate, bed or room. Otherwise you are begging them to turn your life upside down.

Step 4 – You or your dog must make amends for past wrongs.

That bile stain your dog left on your boyfriend's car seat when he threw up M&Ms and the garbage your dog left scattered on the neighbor's front yard going for the spicy chicken wings in the trash are more than an embarrassment. They make for bad relationships. It is best to apologize, clean up the mess and drop off a small gift, preferably not M&Ms or chicken wings, with your dog.

Step 5 – The family is the dog's sponsor.

Your dog doesn't know right from wrong without your guidance. You need to constantly reinforce proper behavior.

Step 6 – You are encouraged to help other dogs with their addictive behaviors.

When you are out for a walk or at the dog park, let other dog owners know in a subtle and friendly manner if they are acting in dangerous ways. If they get upset you can smugly rationalize that you would expect as much from an addict.

Below are some testimonials from members of GA and GarbAnon. Feel free to share your story with us so that others can gain strength and wisdom from your experience.

GA Stories

My name is Molly and I am a garboholic. More to the point, I have a poop fetish. As a young bitch I thought that eating poop was sexy, a real turn on to both me and other dogs. It started with eating my own poop when I was crated as a puppy. When my owners were away I would defecate in my crate and eat it. It was exciting to be able to pull something over on my family while being confined to a crate. But I wasn't able to stop there. My owners added chili pepper and Tabasco sauce to my food to try to discourage me from eating my poop but the exotic flavors just added to the thrill. Before long I was eating deer droppings and rabbit pellets in the yard. My addiction began to control my life. As soon as I went outside I would sniff and search the yard for leftovers. I lost interest in everything else. I did not want to play fetch or chase squirrels. Now my family feeds me once a day, then takes me for a long walk on a leash, and picks up my stool right away. As a recovering addict I have begun to appreciate many of the activities that I let go for so long.

My name is Buddy and I am a garboholic. For years I tried to deny it because I am a binge chocolate eater. I figured that if I only did once in a while I did not have a problem. Then one Halloween I hit bottom. I cleaned out my owners Halloween bag of candy, four pounds of it, wrappers and all. Soon I was vomiting. I drank water but that only made things worse. Before long I was retching but nothing came out. Then my stomach started to bloat. By the time my owners came home I was near death. They rushed me to the emergency hospital. I did not need surgery but I was in the hospital for three days after bloating. After that my family got involved in GA and I have been clean for a year and a half.


north jersey pet garbage anonymous

My name is Eric and I have a Lab who eats soiled laundry. You might say he has a nose for hose and a thing for thongs. After I picked him up from surgery to remove a sock and panties, he came home and ate another sock. The friends I have made in GarbAnon have helped me deal with the realities of living with my dog. Now undergarments and socks go straight into the washing machine, the lid is closed and the door to the laundry room is latched.

Hi. I'm Joan. My dog has changed my life in unexpected ways. She believes that our house isn't big enough for her and the romotes. I tried hiding them under the cushions, in drawers, cabinets, closets. It didn't matter. She would wait for a slip up and the remote was toast. Twice I had to take her to the vet for vomiting after a remotefest. Fortunately she never needed surgery. After four replacements I gave up. Like any addict, she could not be trusted. Now I've gone the abstinence route and manually change channels. She still searches the house for where I hid it. I'm pretty sure they add peanut butter to the plastic for the remote.

Please let us know if you would like to join GA or GarbAnon or if you have a garbage related story to share.

The 'Dishonor' Roll

Garbage Eaters Anonymous Member GarbAnon Sponsor Addiction
Catherine Mike Tissues, Neighbor's Garbage
Norton John DVD's
Emeri Alan Poop

— Dr. Morris and the staff at Animal Care Center

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