Clinic Stories

Are You My Mommy?

We are often asked what is the most unusual animal that we have seen. I’ve given up trying to impress people with tales of Anacondas or Toucans. What really wows people is that we see bears. Not often, and only babies, but we do get wild bears in our office.

Here is the outline. Someone calls Wildlife Freedom with a report of an injured bear that they want to bring in. That they are able to catch and transport them means that they are in very bad shape and are young. She directs them to us for treatment before they are transferred to her and ultimately to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The bear in the picture with a raccoon was brought in on emergency with a wound on her back. Bear experts say that she was probably bitten by a male bear that was not her father as they are intolerant of cubs other than their own. On arrival, she was unable to walk but was able to fight. We sedated her, took Xrays, treated the wound, and transferred her.

At Wildlife Freedom, she was in a dog crate when a wild raccoon walked by with her cubs. The last cub in line crawled in and snuggled with the bear. They were able to snap a picture of this. The raccoon came and stayed with her the next day, then never visited again.

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