Clinic Stories

Back From the Dead – Part 2

Euthanasia is nearly an every-day occurrence in small animal practice. There are standard drugs used to put animals to sleep that nearly always work in predictable ways. However decades ago a company came out with a new euthanasia drug, T61. It was quirky—most dogs responded as expected, slowly relaxing. However, some animals would have no response at all and an occasional animal would go through an excitement phase before relaxing.

A classmate of mine had an even more troubling experience. He took overnight calls for an animal hospital and received a call from an irate pet owner. “I brought my dog in to your office tonight to be put to sleep and he just came home.” After some checking he learned that the dog was euthanized with T61, seemed to be dead and was placed in a plastic bag outside. He woke up, clawed out and went home. I never heard if the dog was later euthanized or if his miraculous resurrection earned him a reprieve.

T61 was later pulled from the market after sales dropped from so many unpredictable results.

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