Clinic Stories

Blankety Blank

The initial call came at 1:30 AM Sunday morning. I was on emergency call and Mrs. Blank-enmeyer had arrived home to find her Irish Setter unable to stand. The conversation did not start out logically. “Hi Doctor, did I wake you up?” “Of course, it's 1:30 in the morning.” “Oh I thought you might still be up. In any case, I just got home and my dog would normally come to greet me and he can't get up at all. No wait, he just got up, no, no he's down again, no, he's up now, oh, no he went down again.” “I can meet you at the office.” “He's a big dog and I don't have anyone who can help me put him in the car.”

She was to try to find someone to help her and meet me at the office at 9AM. From 8AM until 11 AM her calls came about every half hour. “He's no better and I'm still trying to find someone to lift him into the car.” Finally, nearing noon, she pulled into the parking lot, opened the back door of her car and out bounded her dog looking ready for a romp in the park.

On examination he had a rash between his back legs which was irritating him when he walked. I cleaned the area, gave him cortisone and antibiotic injections and sent him home on medication. He walked out of the office with no difficulty.

When I gave her the bill, she expressed surprise. “That's all you are going to charge me for all I put you through?” she asked. “OK”, I replied, “Make it $50 more.” “Too late.” she sung out as she tore her check out of her check book with a flair. “I already filled out the check.”

I will always remember her as Mrs. Blankety Blank-enmeyer.

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