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Cat Cafes

If you've ever wondered what was missing from your coffee and danish, you may not have thought it was a room full of cats. Fortunately, keener minds are at work. To fill this unmet need there are now four cat cafes in New York City – Meow Parlour, Little Lions, Brooklyn Cat Cafe and Koneko Cat Cafe which also has karaoke, beer and wine. Modeled after dozens of cat cafes in Japan, you pay to play with cats while having some Joe. Starbucks may be missing the boat.

In Japan, many people live in small apartments that do not allow pets, creating a cat rental opportunity. The partons tend to be young adults who visit for 90 minutes on average. In the US, cat cafes are more of a novelty. They would also seem to be fodder for comedy routines, bad puns, potential Seinfeld episodes and lint roller sales. They could sell catachino and expurresso, regular or decat, herbal furrball tea, even KitTea served by a purrista. And what a spot for a first date!

How long can they last? Likey they will not sustain. In Japan they are already on the decline and are being replaced by hedgehog cafes. Watch where you sit.

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