Clinic Stories

Cat Parks

With the proliferation of dog parks, it seemed amusing to imagine a cat park. Clearly a cat park is a bad idea. Cats are not as social as dogs and mostly get frightened and hide when in a strange environment. However, it turns out that bad ideas are not always a deterrent for civil action. Northfield, Minnesota opened a cat park in 2009 complete with a cat nip garden, organic cat boxes and prairie style scratching posts. Lawsuits followed as frightened cats bit and scratched their owners and the park closed.

But forget reality. A cat park should be next to a fire station to retrieve cats from trees. Tracking devises should be required to locate runaways. A mousing station could provide revenue from mouse sales to fund the venture. Best mouser contests could be held to publicize the park. Computer keyboards could be recycled for nesting perches. It should be opened nights because cats are nocturnal. Cats need more than cat nip in the garden. A variety of leaves and grasses must be provided to encourage vomiting. A plethora of objects should be available where cats can hide or perch – blankets, beds, sofas, cabinets, drawers, shelves, closets. But mainly there needs to be plenty of room for the cat owners to relax and socialize because cats are mostly interested in sleeping.

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