Clinic Stories


Mr. P called to let us know his cat had escaped from the house in case she was found and we were alerted. He was upset that contractors renovating a bathroom had been careless and allowed the cat to run out. Mr. P posted fliers in the neighborhood and each night went out and called for her. On the third night he heard meowing as he lay in bed. She was in the bathroom under construction, sealed behind drywall. The contractors were more careless than he thought.

I once did a house call for a cat trapped in a wall. The cat had entered a suspended ceiling through a crawlspace and had fallen into an open space between studs. She could be heard meowing and her exact location was determined using a mirror and flashlight. The wall was inside a closet and a small hole was made to make sure the location was correct. Sure enough, she cooperated by sticking a paw out. As the hole was enlarged her head and front legs emerged like Winnie the Pooh stuck in his cave after gorging on honey. The cat was overweight and the client declined my suggestion to leave her there until she could fit through, so the hole was enlarged until she was free.

After local tenants moved from their apartment a dog was heard barking. The tenants had cut a hole in a wall and sealed a chihuahua behind. They thought the dog would suffocate and his rotting body would foul the apartment. The dog was rescued and the former owners were charged with animal cruelty.

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