Clinic Stories

Cleanliness is Next to Dogliness

It was no secret that Emma was not going to be easy. A white Jack Russell Terrier, she had been returned from several homes for separation anxiety and hyperactivity. However, Miss R seemed up to the task. A single thirty something, she was sincere, intelligent and dedicated with a history of rescuing animals. No dog received the attention that Emma did and for the most part she thrived in her new home. Never was there a more well dressed dog. She accumulated over 200 outfits, including a two piece bikini for beach trips.

But Emma developed a mysterious skin condition consisting of red blotches and open sores. Every time something seemed to help her lesions would recur. Her outfits were assigned to the closet and she was reduced to going naked. As it turns out, the boyfriend was the cause of Emma’s suffering. As a result of a cleaning obsession, Miss R’s fiancé was wiping Emma down six to ten times daily with Clorox wipes. Her skin improved completely when the engagement was broken off.

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