Clinic Stories


Some people are just not bright. A four year old male Pit Bull was brought in on emergency unable to stand. With Mr. J standing by, Mrs. J related the history. Sammy lived behind the house tied to a stake. He stopped eating but she wasn't concerned, the food was out there. After a few days there was a smell so bad she had to close her windows. Then she saw that Sammy wouldn't get up and wondered why. Finally she saw he was covered with flies and figured that they must be bothering him. So out she went with fly spray and realized that maggots where having a feast on Sammy's neck.

Sammy was in shock, very dehydrated, toxic and had maggot infested wounds on his neck from being tethered. I wished I could have closed a window to cut the odor. I explained that he would have to be hospitalized for fluids, medication and wound care and left the room to make up an estimate. Having seen and heard everything the technician made a passionate plea for me to report this as a creulty case. I explained that I thought that the owners were genuinely concerned, just incredibly clueless. I said that I would list very specific medical instructions and if they so much as missed a recheck I would report them.

It turns out Sammy was also positive for heartworms and Mr. and Mrs. J never shirked on any treatment. Sammy recovered from the wound and heartworm disease and although he is still an outdoor dog, he lives in a fenced in enclosure with a dog house. I hope they check on him at least once a week.

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