Clinic Stories

Cold is a Better Choice

Cats love warm places, curling up near a fireplace, lying in a sunny spot on the floor or sleeping on someone’s lap. On occasion this tendency can be dangerous. The temptation of an open dryer is sometimes too much. Unnoticed, the dryer is turned on with a cat inside and the results are tragic. Rarely do they survive, but I cared for one that did. She lived for many years despite being burned to the point of ear-lessness. If your cat likes to hang around the laundry room, check before you close the dryer door.

Worse off are outdoor cats that spend the night under a car hood. Unaware that the opening and closing of the car door is a signal to leave, they remain until it is too late. The injuries can be severe including broken legs, severed limbs and large gashes from fan blades and belts. Some will jump out while the car is moving and escape or are killed while others stow away and travel for miles until the engine is shut off. More than once I have been told of someone finding their outdoor cat hanging around the car 25 miles from home.

It isn’t just cats that like the warmth of an engine. One client had to get their engine steam cleaned after a raccoon was killed and cooked on it.

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