Clinic Stories

Dog Heroes

Stories are often told of dogs that in one way or another save the day. One client was walking her dog in the predawn along their every day route when the dog refused to go any further. She was pulling the dog to force him along when two policemen stopped to ask if she needed help. She related that for some reason the dog simply refused to go. The cops left, she gave up and returned home the way they came. The same police officers stopped her and her dog the next morning to report that when they turned the corner they foiled a mugging in progress.

Another dog woke the owners by barking when their house was on fire. The owners made it out but the dog did not.

But among the best dog heroes were two Australian Shepherds owned by Chrysann, whose real name is Chrysanthemum. She lived in an apartment and woke to her dogs barking. As she walked down the hall in the dark an intruder punched her in the face, breaking her nose and knocking her unconscious. When she came to the dogs were missing and the apartment was covered in blood. The police arrived, followed the trail of blood to another apartment with the dogs waiting outside. There they arrested the burglar and saved another person who was severely beaten.

My own cat did not save any lives but was pawing in the corner of a bedroom closet one evening. There I found a valuable ring that had been missing for more than a year. I gave him a bowl of ice cream.

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