Clinic Stories

Double Agent

Tyrone, a tall and very overweight black man with a shaved head would show up at the office on occasion, often with his white girlfriend, Sandy. He lived close to New York City but often was in Paterson and would always present an animal that he just rescued. The histories were typically grandiose - “I was in Paterson and I took this dog away from kids who were abusing it” or “This Anaconda was in a pet store and they were not taking care of him. I got a special permit from the state to rehabilitate him”. Despite the tall tales, he seemed willing to help the animals, always paid in full at the time of service and had adopted several animals out to clients who then brought their dogs to our office. In short, he and Sandy ran a private animal rescue and adoption agency.

One day I fielded several calls from people trying to find Tyrone and Sandy – people who had placed animals with them, people who adopted animals from them and Animal Control officials. A warehouse in Paterson was raided where Tyrone was training and fighting Pit Bulls and the two of them had fled the state. The animal rescue was a front to house and acquire dogs associated with dog fighting. While some of the dogs were adopted out, others were kept for fighting or as bait dogs, dogs used as practice for fighting. I don't know where the Anaconda fit into the scheme.

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