Clinic Stories

Feel the Burn

While bicycling across the country I stayed one night at the fire house in Bunkee, LA. When I entered they told me “If you stay here we have one rule. You have to shower.” I didn't ask about the fragrant guest that prompted that rule and I showered.

I was left alone in the fire house while the entire staff attended a town council meeting. I put my dinner on the stove and went into the next room to check my email. After a while I smelled smoke and realized my dinner was burning, smoke filling the kitchen. My first thought was that the smoke alarm would go off and summon the fire crew but there was no smoke detector. There was also no fire extinguisher in the living area although there were extinguishers on the trucks in the garage.

I opened the doors and windows and hoped that I wouldn't get caught. By the time they returned all was clean and clear. One should never leave a fire unattended, especially if he is a guest in a fire house.

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