Clinic Stories

Food Conquers All

All too often, a pet is left behind with an owner's death. Most go to a relative, some to a shelter, and a few are unsuitable to re-home. The latter applied to Charlie. A young man called to arrange a house call to pick up and euthanize his Grandmother's dog, explaining that Charlie was aged and vicious.

When I arrived, he was waiting in his car in the driveway. He said that he could never get close to Charlie so I may as well go in without him. When I opened the door Charlie ran full speed past me into a large fenced back yard. We were unable to get within 20 feet of Charlie but he wasn't trying to harm us. The gentleman said no one had been in the house in several days and Charlie was likely anxious to relieve himself. He suggested that Charlie was probably hungry as well and we went to check the refrigerator.

Although the cupboard was mostly empty, there were hot dogs in the freezer. We emptied the pack and nothing mattered to Charlie but those frozen hot dogs. I easily got a pole on him, let him finish his first meal in days and put him in the back of my van.

On the drive to the office he walked between the seats and sat next to me like we were best friends. I had no problems handling him and, after giving him all he could eat, kept him at the office overnight to enjoy his meal.

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