Clinic Stories

Giant Bear Gets a Tummy Tuck

Goliath, a Kodiak (Grizzly) bear who lived at Space Farms in Beemerville, NJ holds the Guinness Book record as the world's largest bear, standing 12 feet tall and weighing over 2000 pounds. Until he was euthanized in 1991 (by a friend and classmate of mine), Mr. Space fed Goliath marshmallows by hand. Goliath was stuffed and is on display in the lobby of Space Farms.

To emphasize both his size and gentle disposition, Mr. Space asked that Goliath be mounted standing in a non-threatening pose with his arms at his side. Due to his large girth he would not stay standing, falling forward when mounted . The taxidermist trimmed his abdomen and tried again without success. Goliath was slimmed more and still fell on his face. After a third reduction he stayed erect and is on display much more svelte than in real life.

Mr. Space's daughter, Lori Space Day, told me she wants that taxidermist as her mortician so she can be buried as a size two.

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