Clinic Stories

Gracie and Finn

Finn, our Riverdale office cockatiel was found in a parking lot in Wayne. While at the Wayne Shelter he sang and whistled constantly so the shelter manager thought he would be a good replacement for Gracie, our previous office cockatiel.

Gracie came to us and left in unusual ways. One Summer my daughter asked if we could keep two lovebirds for a classmate for a couple of weeks while their family was on vacation. This was not a problem as the birds had cages, would stay in her room and my daughter would provide care. A week later the classmate dropped off two more lovebirds. As they were supposedly on vacation this did not make sense. Suspicions were confirmed a week later when we inherited two more lovebirds and a cockatiel along with the announcement that the bird family was moving. To this day my daughter claims she did not know initially that the family was leaving the birds for good. Homes were found for the lovebirds after several months of effort. Gracie, the cockatiel was very gregarious so I took her to the office.

Gracie was the ideal office bird. She greeted everyone, sang constantly and was low maintenance. One client had a sick cockatiel that came for treatment on a regular basis. Though her bird was not eating at home when he saw Gracie he perked up and regained his appetite. I offered for her to take Gracie home for a week to try to get her bird back on track. For a while she declined but ultimately she took Gracie home.

One week later she called and excitedly proclaimed that her bird was doing much better and asked to keep Gracie for three more days. The client had a routine of feeding squirrels by allowing them to take a few steps into her house through a sliding glass door. On the morning of the third extra day, Gracie, who was free to fly around the house, flew into the room at squirrel feeding time, got startled and crashed into the sliding glass door.

The client brought her to the office but she did not survive. If you think you can imagine the woman’s grief you are likely making an underestimate. She spent the entire day at our office crying and had to be asked to leave at the end of the day. In the small exam room in Riverdale there is a cockatiel statue she bought to amend for Gracie’s demise on her watch.

Finn has been far less vocal than Gracie. He is most likely to sound off for blonde women and the Wayne Shelter manager is blonde. He was particularly taken by a 70ish white haired women, so much so that she was able to coax a few words out of him. It seems likely his previous owner looked a lot like her.

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