Clinic Stories


Airport security in Israel is focused mainly on face to face questioning by an agent trained to sniff out trouble makers. So when a Rabbi, his wife and five children were moving back to the US with a dog and a cat, they raised no suspicions. The wife slipped a pet hamster into her pocket and went through security smoothly.

A layover in Amsterdam required another trip through security and this time she had to put her jacket with the hamster through Xray. They braced for the worst knowing that it could be the end of the line for their pet when it was spotted. “What is that?” the screener asked. When she confessed that she was trying to sneak a hamster through, he excitedly called his colleagues over to show off his find. After everyone admired the hamster they gave it back to the family and sent them on their way.

Ever after the hamster was known as Hamsterdam.

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