Clinic Stories

Hit By a Dog

While working at an emergency hospital three women and a man presented a 12 pound dog who had been hit by a car. An examination and Xrays showed fractured ribs and a broken pelvis but the women abruptly announced that they were leaving and taking the dog with them. They lived near Princeton, were traveling and would have the dog treated at home. The next day the man stopped by to check on the dog. He had been driving along in the dark when something hit his windshield. When he stopped to check the women had pulled over and were retrieving their dog who had jumped out of the car window while they were driving. Seeing that the dog was severely injured he told them to follow him, he knew of a 24 hour animal hospital nearby. While I was taking the Xrays, the women told him that the bill was his responsibility because he had hit the dog. He left, and soon they did as well. I never heard how the dog did. I have seen many dogs hit by car, but this was my first car hit by dog.

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