Clinic Stories

Hurricane Sandy

Prior to the recent hurricane, we prepared an Email assuring our clients that come what may, we would be at the office. Unfortunately, due to the storm, the Email did not go out. We lost electricity and phones for three days, but indeed we were here. We had the phones transferred online to a cell phone to receive calls. We set up an overhead lamp in an exam room and walked around with coats and head lamps. The kennel was full with all of the dogs from the Wayne Shelter staying here and their body heat kept things warm enough. Our generator was not usable because gas could not be had. Dr. Elshafie got stuck in Queens one day due to the gas shortage and the HOV restrictions passing through Manhattan. Credit card payments were processed when the power returned.

But we managed, seeing whatever animals needed care that couldn't wait until better times. Some visits were related to the hurricane – a raccoon that took up residence by a generator appeared to have died of carbon monoxide poisoning, a dog rolled in spilled gasoline and got a skin infection. I am particularly proud of my staff who came to work on time every day and diligently worked through difficult conditions to make sure our clients and patients were taken care of. Their dedication was never more evident and continues to be an important part of our success.

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