Clinic Stories

Judith G

Ms. G rushed her dog, an unspayed female Pit Bull, to the office after being attacked by another dog. It was not a pretty sight. Her abdomen was ripped open and organs were spilling out. She had the underside of a dog that bore several litters and was scarred from many other encounters. To skeptical questioning, she swore that her two dogs don’t get along and that she was an attorney on staff at a local university. Because of the viciousness of the attack and the suspicious circumstances, we took pictures of the wounds, new and old. Despite efforts to save the dog, she died the next day.

Ms. G did not pay her bill and it was grouped with other past due accounts and submitted to small claims court. She did not appear in court and a financial judgment was awarded. As I left someone approached me who knew Ms. G and provided more information. She had been fired from her job and was now unemployed. The case was turned over to the court for collection.

A court officer called excitedly when he was assigned this case. “I know this b_tch! She rents apartments in Paterson and I’ve had to do lock outs for her. She is evil. One tenant had spray painted the walls with ‘Beware of Judith G’. I’m gonna get her. I’m gonna get this b_tch!” He wanted as much information as possible and called several more times for updates. Then someone passed along an article from a local paper. Ms. G was being charged with a dozen cases of animal cruelty stemming from dog fighting. Included was a picture with the caption, “Judith G, a long history of animal cruelty”. I called the court officer with the news. “Fax that over. I’ll take it to the judge. This is the break we need.”

Whatever he did I can never be sure but before long the bill was settled. Ms. G was a Paterson slum lord who was involved in dog fighting and rented her apartments to others in the business. Many of the dogs were housed in her apartments. Her cruelty charges resulted in fines without jail time despite her previous charges. The tenant had it right – “Beware of Judith G”.

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