Clinic Stories

Lost for 6 Years

Animal Control brought in a yellow Lab on emergency found lying in a snow bank next to the road at 5 AM. She was cold and emaciated, and blood work showed that she was diabetic. She obviously had not been cared for recently and we initially thought she was abandoned by someone who could not afford to care for her. However, she had a microchip which was registered to an owner 50 miles away. It turns out she was the breeder of Nilla. She kept her for two years then sold her to someone in her area six years previously. The next day Nilla ran away from her new home presumably trying to find her way back to the breeder and had not been heard from since. We tried to fill in the six year gap by talking to people near to where she was found. People reported that she was a very friendly stray who had been around for at least four years and was fed by several different families. She was not responding to treatment for diabetes and after a few days her breeder visited. Nilla who had been weak and lethargic for several days now, did not immediately recognize her but after half of a minute, her mind cleared, she brightened and wagged her tail enthusiastically. Her six years search for mom was finally successful. They visited for about 45 minutes and then based on her weakened state and lack of response to treatment, she was put to sleep in the embrace of her long sought after owner. We will never know all that transpired in her years on the loose. Euthanasia is never easy, but this was the most comforting end of life that I have ever seen.

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