Clinic Stories

Miss Muffett

When her owners were moving they could not find their cat, Miss Muffet. They had to leave so they asked the realtor to look for her the next day, and they planned to return form Vermont in 2 days to get her. The realtor called to say that Miss Muffet ran out of the house and she could not find her. The owners searched and put up flyers but Miss Muffet was gone. When the new owners moved in 48 days later, there was Miss Muffet, locked in the basement, breathing but not moving. Animal Control brought in a dehydrated shadow of a cat, cold and not moving. When the concentration camps were liberated it is said you could tell the living from the dead because they followed you with their eyes. Miss Muffet did not move her eyes. Shockingly, I was able to get an IV catheter into her and started fluids with dextrose. After a few minutes of fluids and on a heating pad, she began to move her head. I soon ran blood work and her glucose was sky high. It turns out she was not diabetic. Without food, her body had stopped releasing insulin and we had to wait for her system to start functioning again.

The next day we force fed her small amounts and by the end of the day she was taking a bite or two before getting exhausted. Her strength and appetite improved over the next several days and a family member picked her up 5 days later, well on her way to recovery. Sitting on my mantle is a card with a classic Vermont drawing that arrived three months later. The thank you note held a picture of Miss Muffet completely recovered. I have scores of thank you cards on my mantle and in a scrap book. Every month or so I look at that picture and give thanks for having the merit to have been a part of this miracle.

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