Clinic Stories

Nine Lives

They made a frantic search when their 23 year old cat somehow got out of the house. They let the neighbors and animal control know, put up posters and walked the neighborhood calling out for days. They eventually gave up realizing that a cat that age could not survive for long outdoors.

Three months later they got a call. A neighbor swore that they saw a cat that looked like their's go into a sewer down the street. They walked down, called the cat's name and out she came.

They immediately brought her to the office – a dehydrated, emaciated, filthy, matted wretch. I expected that after her valient battle for survival we would give her fluids, clip her mats and bath her. Instead the clients had already decided to put her to sleep. Logically the decision was sound. Emotionally, I sure wanted to find out how many more lives she still had.

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