Clinic Stories

Our Furthest Client

Every so often someone is traveling with a pet in tow and stops by. They come from all over the country, as far away as California. Other times people will come in for an international health certificate for travel abroad. They can come from anywhere – Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia. But they only come in once and we never see them again.

Then there are clients who live outside of the area but spend part of their time locally so we see them on a more regular basis. One client from Maine makes a New Jersey craft show circuit every summer and use us as their New Jersey vet.

But the prize for the furthest regular client goes to a pigeon racer from Hawaii. He comes to New Jersey to buy pigeons then brings them for health certificates to be cleared for shipment to his home in Hawaii. The Quarantine Station in Honolulu now recognizes me when I call. According to Google, he lives 4913 miles from our office, by far our most distant client.

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