Clinic Stories

Out In The Cold

Late one evening my son brought home a limp, nearly frozen cat. He had found the cat in a snow bank near a home where he was pet sitting. The cat was very thin and frail. My son named him Louie. We warmed Louie up and gave him fluids but it did not look good. Although we assumed he was a stray, we left a message at the home where he was found describing the cat and the situation in the hope they could give us some more information.

Louie slowly came back to life, moving around more and eating, but he seemed to be blind. After four days, through a chain of phone calls, word had reached his owners. Louie, a deaf, blind, 16 year old indoor cat had wandered out into the snow the day before he was found while furniture was being delivered. When they could not find him, they assumed he could not have survived the night. Nearly a week later, he was reunited with his family, after using up at least one of his nine lives.

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