Clinic Stories

Passels of Critters

When animals are in groups they have a collective name, such as a flock of sheep or a herd of cattle. But the names get more exotic with less common animals and many are laughable. Here are a few. Have a laugh.

Animal Collective Name
Squirrels Scurry
Mice Mischief
Bears Sloth
Raccoons Gaze
Porcupines Prickle
Hedgehogs Array
Camels Caravan
Alligators Congregation
Giraffes Tower or Journey
Cheetahs Coalition
Wombats Wisdom
Zebras Dazzle

Even snakes and invertebrates have group names:

Cobras Quiver
Rattlesnakes Rumba
Cockroaches Intrusion
Jellyfish Smack

Every type of bird has its own communal description, such as:

Woodpeckers Descent
Pheasants Bouquet

Animal baby names tend toward pups, kits (or kittens), calves, chicks, cubs and joeys. But there are a few that are unique, such as:

Porcupine Porcupette
Alpaca or Llama Cria
Tasmanian Devil Imps

If you want to shine on trivia night, go online for many, many more.

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