Clinic Stories

Pawn Shop

He was the talk of the office from the moment he came in, not just for his intimidating attitude and menacing demeanor, but for his unusual tattoos including tear drops coming from one eye. Generally this means that the tattooee has killed someone. But his dog needed surgery and it was scheduled.

When he came to pick up his dog just before closing he did not have enough money. He took off his gold necklace, laid it down and said we could hold it until he came back in a half hour with the rest of the money. I had already left and no one wanted to stay after hours for this client. So they called me and said I had to come back to meet the creepy guy.

I had not interacted with him and had only unsavory descriptions to form an image. Now I am not a stranger to dealing with thugs. As a teenager I worked for several years in a shop and often dealt with motorcycle gang members—Pagans, Warlocks, Wheels of Soul—and many were criminal. The necklace was a heavy gold chain with a large cross attached, worth many times his outstanding balance.

When he arrived with cash he was business like but respectful, handed me cash and I returned his chain. Except for the face tattoo and the pawnbroker vibe, it was a perfectly normal transaction.

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