Clinic Stories

Rachel Ray

The first call came from Rachel Ray’s office. “This is Michelle from Rachel Ray. Rachel Ray is at a shelter and there are some animals there that are very sick. You need to go there right away.” “Why doesn’t the shelter call me if there is a problem?” “You know what an advocate for animals Rachel Ray is. She is asking for you to go out there to take are of animals that need immediate attention.” “I have no idea about Rachel Ray. I don’t have a TV and couldn’t pick her out of a line up unless every one else was a guy.” “This is very weird. I’ll have to figure something else out,” and she hung up.

About a minute later, I received another call. “Hello Doctor, This is Rachel Ray.” In fact, they wanted to send animals to my office and Michelle was supposed to give a credit card for payment, which she did later. About half-hour later, two people from the shelter arrived along with an interviewer, and a film crew. They tried to dramatize what was a straight forward case of mange in two puppies. “Do you think they will make it?” he asked while the puppies romped and played on the table. In the end, they stayed for about an hour. I saw five animals, and Rachel Ray paid for it all. Rachel Ray also donated a truck load of food and $20, 000 to the shelter, with more money pledged. It turns out she really is an animal advocate.

The spot aired on November 10, 2009, and I mad ea brief appearance on the show, losing a few seconds worth of my 15 minutes of fame. Several of my clients commented that they saw the show and at the end she gave “props” to me by name. The segment can be viewed by searching “Rachel Ray’s emotional shelter visit” on Google.

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