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Among the many things cats love to lay on are newspapers. What makes newspapers so appealing? If you are trying to read a paper, your cat will most likely lay on it to get your attention. How dare you read when you have a cat in the room.

But lay a section of newspaper on the floor and many cats will occupy it like it was a throne. For that behavior the driving forces seem to be warmth and absorbency. Newspaper is a good insulator and holds warmth and newspaper soaks up the cat's scent and cats like to spread their scent around. Similarly cats will lay on cloth bags and clothing.

Laying on plastic bags is a cat of a different stripe. While the plastic will insulate as seen by homeless people sleeping in trash bags, cats also like the sound the bags make and they like the smell of food that was in the grocery bags.

Going inside bags and boxes is a denning behavior, harking back to finding a cubby hole for safety. It feels secure.

Cats will sometimes sleep on people's heads because it is the warmest part of a person, much warmer than a newspaper.

Cat's rubbing on shoes or even sitting in them seems to be mostly marking activity.

Kittens meow to their mothers until they are weaned, then stop meowing to other cats. They will then meow to people because people don't pick up on cat body language or scent communication.

All in all your cat is telling you it is not warm enough, has not marked it's turf enough and does not get enough of your attention. Listen to your cat.

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