Clinic Stories


Rules nearly always follow a need and often can be traced back to an untoward event. People mostly accept a rule and rarely imagine a time when it was otherwise or question its need. I learned otherwise from my grandmother Rosina.

When my grandparents visited my grandfather always drove, and as a cattle dealer he sometimes came in his livestock truck, occasionally with stock included. After he died, it became apparent that my grandmother did not drive, particularly when she stayed with us for a week. “Grandmom, did you ever drive?” we asked. “Oh yes” she assured us, “I drove as a teenager and into my early twenties. But then they required driver's licenses so I stopped driving.”

It is unthinkable that cars were once regarded as bicycles are now, without restrictions. Albert Einstein said that we do not change by a new idea replacing an older one but by a new generation growing up unaware of the former ways.

Whenever I am faced with a new rule I think of my grandmother. That, plus a wish for simpler times.

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