Clinic Stories

Run Off The Road

While waiting at Marshall Durbin Poultry in Waynesboro, MS for employees to bring in chickens from various farms, a call came over the radio – a poultry serviceman was late due to a car accident.

When he arrived, the other servicemen chided him for his assumed recklessness. “You don't understand. She was driving on the wrong side of the road, I pulled over and was stopped on the shoulder and she still hit my mirror. She stopped and begged me not to tell her mother.” She was 11 years old on her way to grade school.

Before he worked at Marshall Durbin Arthur Norvill was Waynesboro Chief of Police and Wayne County, MS Sheriff. When he walked into the office, they asked him “Hey Arthur, what do you think of this? An 11 year old driving to school?” Arthur said there was a real problem with underage driving in Mississippi, where the legal driving age is 15. While he was Sheriff the state introduced a law to make parents liable if their children drove underage. It failed, lacking popular support. Concerned parents just disable the driver's air bag.

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