Clinic Stories

Second Chance

In my married life I have had four Border Collies. Border Collies are sheep herding dogs known for their obsessive work ethic – they always want to be herding something. The herding instinct in one was particularly focused on large vehicles. She would race back and forth on the front yard within the invisible fence as soon as a truck or bus came into sight and continued until it passed.

Recycling in Wayne in provided by a group called Second Chance, a double entendre for the recycling materials and for the workers, who are in halfway houses after being released from prison.

One recycling day I was in the driveway when the crew came by. I paid them no mind until I noticed three men at the end of the driveway standing behind the truck side by side, driver included, looking dejected and forlorn. When I asked them why they asked “What happened to the dog?” They were relieved when I told them she was safe and with my wife.

They may have been convicts but when it came to animals, they were not tough at all.

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