Clinic Stories

Sharpshooter Saves Eagle

On July 2, 2016 an Army veteran in Minnesota saw an eagle caught in a rope and dangling from a tree limb 75 feet off the ground. He called state officials who said that the eagle had been there for two and a half days, was not rescueable and they believed he was dead. The veteran, Jason Galvin, using binoculars confirmed that the eagle was still alive and received permission to try to shoot through the rope to free the bird. Under the watch of a state conservation official and using a .22 rifle with a scope, he began firing. Over the next 90 minutes he cleared branches in the way and nicked at the rope. After about 150 shots the rope gave way, the eagle fell through the branches to the ground and was taken to a raptor rehabilitation center. A mix of desire, opportunity, ingenuity, skill and luck allowed Mr. Galvin to succeed when others despaired.

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