Clinic Stories

Non-Standard Snake Bites – Suicide

An earlier story told how snakes bite victims tend to be either unlucky hikers that get bit on the leg or young drunk males who get bit trying to grab a snake. Cape Cobras that bite people using the bush at night as their toilet were one exception. Some people want to get bit.

A woman in New York had an extensive collection of poisonous snakes. She not only lived dangerously, she opted to die dangerously, committing suicide by having a Black Mamba bite her. That’s when the trouble began. She left behind a collection of highly poisonous snakes from around the world that had to be removed and transferred elsewhere. Step one was to inventory the collection. Step two was to collect antivenom from around the world in case any of the handlers got bit. Step three was to identify zoos and collectors for the snakes and finally, the snakes were caught and sent to new quarters.

Unraveling the effects of her dramatic death affected a small army of people for over a month.

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