Clinic Stories

Mr. Miracle

The Land of Make Believe

The Thrill of Defeat

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Calvin Anthony

Gracie and Finn


Second Chance

In The Middle of the Night

Trail Magic

Tricks of the Trade

The Birds

That Guy


Mount Kilimanjaro (Intro)

Mount Kilimanjaro (Pt II)

Mount Kilimanjaro (Pt III)

Mount Kilimanjaro (Pt IV)

Keep Your Feet to Yourself


Pawn Shop

Safety First

It's a Jungle Out There – Skunks and Raccoons

Pet Names

The Sobering Truth

Beware of Jessica

Can A Tick Get Sick?

Alone in the Park

A Fast Learner

Feel The Burn

A Tattered Cover

Who Needs Outhouses?

The Letter of the Law

Youth Has Its Privileges


Back From the Dead – Part 1

Back From the Dead – Part 2

Cops Pursue Suspect, Capture Cat

Warm and Comfortable

Not Dead Yet

Dilution is the Solution

Animal Magnetism

Coming Soon – Rhinoceros Horns on Sale

Why? And Other Questions Answered

Alcoholism in Gibbons

Cat Cafes

Hail to the Tail

Dr. Google


Rabies Hits Home

It Takes A Thief


The People of Antarctica

Sharpshooter Saves Eagle

A Smile and a Kind Word

All's Well That Ends Well

Passels of Critters

Extreme Animals

Bald Eagle

Nine Lives


Do Pet Look Like Their Owners?

The Kindness of Strangers

Fear Free Veterinary Visits


Lightning Strikes Twice

Halter Training

Glenn Kean

Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Homing Pigeons

Warm Showers

Double Agent


Make a Wish

A Friend in Need

Camel Racing

Extreme Animals

Giant Bear Gets a Tummy Tuck

Keep Your Head Low

More Than Meets The Eye

Show and Tell

Tasmanian Tigers and Devils

Turtle Dress Up

Non-Standard Snake Bites - Suicide

Non-Standard Snake Bites - Cape Cobras

The 5 T's - Name That Snake Bite Victim

Cat Magnet

Are You My Mommy?

Rachel Ray



Contributing to the Deliquency of a Bear


I Can Explain

Stevie Wonder

Dead Eye

How to Destroy an Industry


Dogs First Aid Kit

Forrest Ingram

It's a Jungle Out There - Bears

What I learned from dogs

A Letter to Congressman Pascrell


Did You Forget Something?

Driving Without Brushing

Blankety Blank

Take My Breath Away

Surf's Up

Run Off the Road

Keeping your Pet Healthy



Our Furthest Client

The Winter Blues

The Wrong Path

A Dog and Cat Walk in the Woods

Dogs at Passover

Dogs in Antarctica

Dog Heroes

A Brush With The Law

The Butler Did It!

Why a Vet?

Two True Loves

Hit By a Dog

Cleanliness is Next to Dogliness

Heard at 2 a.m.

Mrs. Fern & a Novel Idea

A Lingering Odor

The Sobering Truth

Out In The Cold

A Tornado With Fur

Have You Ever Been Bit?

Stray Cat


100 Hamsters


Hurricane Sandy

Take My Mother-in-Law Please

Quail Plantation

Neshoba County (Part I)

Neshoba County (Third and Final Part)

Motivational Spitter


Witness Protection

The Blizzard of the Century

A Diamond in the Ruff

Cold is a Better Choice

Bus Ride To Hell

My Mother & Me/Food For Thought

A Wound Reopened

It's A Jungle Out There - Raccoons

Put 'Em Back

Food Conquers All

Serial Killer

Cat Parks

The Mice Who Came to Dinner

It's a Jungle Out There!

Miss Muffett

Pulitzer Prize

Lost For 6 Years

Too Much Information

Work, or Don't

Dogs Gone Wild

Trapped In a Lake

Old Yeller - The Cat Sequel

Pig in a Poke


Back To Nature

A Model Policeman


A Leap of Faith


Don't Answer

Say It With Flowers

Neshoba County (Part II)

Parental Guidance Suggested

Judith G

Do Not Mix Contents

You Never Know

A False Impression

It's A Jungle Out There- Porcupines

High and Mighty

The Bite is Worse Than the Bark


Free State of Winston

A Culture of Caring

Hit By:

How Many Hot Dogs Is That?

Feel The Burn

They Won't Let You Back

Do Pets Need Pets?

Can Animals Be Allergic to Animals?

Read All About It

The End of the Earth - Logistics (Part 1)

The End of the Earth - Some Yukon Dirt (Part 2)

The End of the Earth -  Into the Storm (Part 3)

The End of the Earth - Past the Lake (Part 4)

The End of the Earth - The Way Home (Part 5)

The End of the Earth - The Recovery (Part 6)

The End of the Earth - Advice Ignored and Lessons Learned (Part 7)


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