Clinic Stories

Surf's Up

Living in an area where flooding is common, we regularly deal with situations that arise from flooded homes. The most common is boarding pets until the family can return to their home. Frequently a pet's condition waits until more important matters are addressed and simple problems become more complex. One family left five dogs in their house and did not come back for them. By the time neighbors alerted the police that the dogs were left without care, one of the dogs died and the owners were convicted of animal cruelty. Some animals get rashes, eye or respiratory infections from chronic exposure to moisture and unhygenic conditions. Here is one case.

A man brought in his Golden Retriever for a skin rash. Five days earlier he was blocked from returning to his home due to flooding. Left behind were two dogs. As the the days passed they worried if the dogs were alright, or even alive. After five days of pleading, emergency personnel finally boated him to his house to retrieve the dogs The dogs had survived and were together, floating on a mattress. Unfortunately, laying on a water logged mattress for five days caused a severe skin infection on the Retriever. The dog required shaving, bathing and antibiotics, and being displaced from his home and with limited financial resources, the owner signed his pet over to the shelter. The skin cleared up, the dog was adopted to a new home and the new owners got a dog with rafting experience.

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