Clinic Stories

The Wrong Path

As Brooklyn natives, camping was not their forte. However, they agreed to a family camping weekend with their Boy Scout son. While at the communal dinner their daughter reported that a raccoon went into their tent. So when they returned to the tent, a canvas stand up with two cots, they looked around and, not finding anything, went to bed.

In the dark it became obvious that they were not alone. The woman screamed, the man shouted and they crashed around. “Get out of here, you animal.” the man shouted while the woman continued to scream. The raccoon dodged and hid and after ten minutes of noise and chaos, the raccoon finally ran out. No one came to help or ask about the commotion.

In the morning, again no one mentioned the incident which seemed to have been too loud and long to ignore. Finally one of the women approached the mother on the sly and said, “I can't believe he would talk to you that way, 'Get out of here you animal.' She assured her that they were not having a fight and that he was screaming at an actual animal. His reputation was restored and the mystery was solved.

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