Clinic Stories

Turtle Dress Up

Our waiting room turtle, Hiram, is actually a girl. Jokingly, I suggested we get a two piece swim suit for her. As it turns out, it wasn't an original idea. People do indeed dress up their turtles. Water turtles like Hiram are not dressed up very often but tortoises, land based turtles, have some wardrobe options. Besides funny pictures, party laughs and entertaining stories, there is a valid reason for turtle haberdashery – to make them visible. Many a tortoise owner has lost their pet by letting them roam the back yard. They can wander off quickly and are well camouflaged. A flower on top, a bull's eye design or dinosaur spikes make them easy to spot.

Indeed you can custom order knitted turtle cozys in various colors, designs or holiday themes. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a turtle with a knitted Christmas tree on its back. You can get snail and snake clothing as well but take your pictures quickly. They slip right out of them, in sort of a wardrobe malfunction.

A wolf in sheep's clothing may not be that far fetched.

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