Clinic Stories


On occasion an owner is compelled to board their dog during a period of quarantine, usually after they have bitten someone. Prince did that and more. Living with Mr. and Mrs. G in an apartment, Prince, a large German Shepherd broke loose from Mrs. G and attacked a 5 year old boy. The boy required over 100 stitches in his face and his father was bitten on his arms trying to protect the boy. Prince was sent to us by Animal Control pending a decision on his fate. The owners wanted to have Prince trained by a police dog trainer and afterward house him at another location where he would not be in contact with anyone except Mr. G. Animal Control agreed to this strategy following a seven day quarantine and a clean bill of health.

Prince was not an easy dog to handle so each morning Mrs. G would stop by to walk him and in the evening Mr. G would arrive to let him out. Repeatedly, I warned Mr. G not to involve me in the decision process because I felt he should be euthanized. Mr. G understood my position, and I understood his as well. He claimed that had he been walking Prince, he would not have tried to go after anyone. Sure enough, Prince was a model of discipline with Mr. G. With Mrs. G, he was not as good. He pulled and jumped up and she was plainly afraid of him.

After a few days, Mr. and Mrs. G fell into a routine. They would come into the waiting room and we told them to just go downstairs to take care of Prince. Toward the end of the week, Mrs. G went to take care of Prince then called upstairs on her cell phone for help. She had gone into the run to get Prince and the door closed and latched shut, trapping her inside. Although she was quickly rescued, her panic was palpable. Beyond the ironic justice of the situation, I was hopeful that her fear would change the plan to rehabilitate Prince. Not so. She soldiered on for the next couple of days and Prince was released.

Prince completed his training and as far as I know successfully leads a life of quiet isolation. There is probably no one more relieved than Mrs. G.

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