Clinic Stories

Why a Vet?

People often ask why I decided to become a vet. They expect me to say that when I was 10 I nursed a crippled porcupine back to health, that James Herriot’s books turned the tide or name some other inspirational event hit me like a charging bull. Alas, the truth is mundane.

I began college as a chemistry major but soon had trouble believing I would be satisfied for a lifetime as a chemist. I looked around at a diverse group of disciplines for something that would provide a lifetime of interest. After careful consideration, I decided that life as a veterinarian would fill the need. I’ve been wrong about a lot in my life, but this decision was on target. There has never been a day where I wished I had chosen something else and my satisfaction and enjoyment is as fresh as the day I graduated from veterinary school. My profession has made me a better person and being a better person has made me a better professional. How many people can make that claim?

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