Clinic Stories

Youth Has Its Privileges

Not far from where I grew up was Martin Century Farms, a dairy farm that had expanded into milk processing and home delivery with hundreds of employees. It was a favorite place to play with cows, fields, woods, streams and a fishing pond. On weekends they offered tours with milk, juice, snacks and ice cream at the end. When I was 10 years old my friends and I showed up for the tour and were turned away because we were not with an adult.

Knowing the rules I returned the next week, asked a family with young kids if I could go through with them and they agreed. At the end I sat with my new family and enjoyed ice cream and snacks. It was better than fishing and I liked fishing.

Week after week I came back and never had a family turn me down, tour and snack, tour and snack, generally with fishing before or after, then ride my bike home. My friends were either too timid or too well fed to join me but I continued to go regularly. Eventually I grew out of it partly because the system was too easy to beat.

Old Martin Century Farms milk bottles are available on Ebay. The farm was bought by Lehigh Valley Dairy in 1966 and the milk plant is still in operation. I could go for a another tour but its no fun unless you sneak in.

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